What makes a Manchester vacation perfect?


Maybe one of the most dynamic cities in the Kingdom, and this is why we strongly encourage those searching for a great location for a weekend city break to consider this destination.  A delightful experience, at least if you properly prepare for it. the hotel fees are friendly, the transportation is promising if you consider hiring van rental Manchester services, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the 48 hours you will be spending there. But let’s see what tips and tricks you should follow for a great Manchester city break.

Get your raincoat

Manchester is flat and compact, thus best to explore on foot. Normally, in these circumstances you shouldn’t forget about your raincoat, since the weather conditions there are moody with a touch of rain. All the attractions are at less than ten minutes of foot walk from the Piccadilly Station, the Gay Village is a ten-minute walk from it, the Piccadilly Gardens are at eight minutes north. The Neo-Gothic Hall is a must see, while the Albert Square is quite an animates location, especially in the winter when it hosts the Christmas Markets. Thus, if you plan to visit all these locations, better grab your raincoat.

Take a ride, if you want to give your feet a rest

If you want a more relaxing experience, consider renting a vehicle. Whether it’s a van or a car, depending on the number of members your group has, this is the best option you have. Only make sure you hire one from a dedicated company, specialized in offering such services. This way you will have access to a reliable and sturdy vehicle to enjoy your journey at its true potential.

Window-shopping, the go-to local activity

If you want some vintage kink-knacks, you must visit the shops available in Manchester because they are true treasures. Each item you find has a high chance of being unique, and on top of that, real bargains! Make sure you visit those shops and see what hidden treasures they are hosting.    

This is a small guide you could use for your 48-hour mini trip in Manchester. Make sure to bring that raincoat with you and research the car rental company well before deciding where to rent. Research the market and compare the options available. Only after that make your decision.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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