Travelling to Machu Picchu – insider travel tips


Machu Picchu is considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and it should definitely be included on your travel list. Both mysterious and breath-taking, the Inca city amazes every traveller from the very first seconds. However, before arriving to this worldly-renowned site and engage in one of those amazing Machu Picchu tours, it is essential that you know a few important insider travel tips in order to make the experience more enjoyable.

How to avoid the crowds

Most travellers assume that if they go to the site first hour in the morning when it opens they avoid crowds, when in fact they could not have been any more wrong. One essential tip to keep in mind is that if you want to take those stunning photos of a perfectly cleared site, you should visit it in the late afternoon, after 4 pm, since most of the day visitors are long gone by that time.

When to visit

Since it is such a popular tourist attraction, Machu Picchu is busy most year round. The most popular period of the year to visit this site is during the “dry season”, which is from May through October, as well as the Christmas – New Year period. However, you should know that regardless when you decide to visit the site, you should still expect brief rain showers, since it is located in a subtropical region, so make sure you carry an umbrella with you all the time.

Buying tickets

In order to enter the site of the Inca city ruins, it is necessary to buy tickets. One very good tip is to purchase them as far in advance as possible, since the number of tourists that are allowed to enter the site each day is limited, not to mention that during peak season the tickets are mostly sold out.

Go on a tour

The sprawling ruins are amazing and are going to leave you mesmerized, this is for sure, but if you really want to get the most of this experience, it is best that you engage in a tour and explore them with a guide. This way, you can see and learn more about the site’s history and highlights such as the Temple of the Sun, the Sun Gate, the Temple of the Condor and many other interesting attractions. You should not skip hiking Huayna Picchu, which is the peak that offers outstanding overlook on the ruins, allowing you to take those postcard photos of Machu Picchu.

Stay overnight in Machu Picchu

You have come all this way to see one of the most amazing wonders of the world, so why not take full advantage of it and spend the night in Machu Picchu? Most travellers rush to catch the train back to Cusco, one of the villages in the region, but if you want to have a truly unforgettable experience, you can spend the night in Machu Picchu. This way, you can enjoy some quiet time in the city ruins when all visitors are gone and you can take some amazing photos of the site.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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