Top 10 Kayak Fishing Lakes Destinations in the US

As vast as the US is, it would be almost impossible for you to take up fishing in all the lakes in this country. Furthermore, it would imply substantial costs to fish in so many different states. Instead of getting disappointed when you arrive at a certain destination, dreaming that you would catch a ton of bass and instead ending up going back home empty-handed and with a giant hole in your wallet, go to one of the following fishing destinations. In this article, we will present you with a top 10 of the best fishing lakes in the US for kayak fanatics, spots where you are bound to enjoy a successful angling session and return home with prize bass and other delicious prey.

#10 – Lake Guntersville, Alabama

A 69100-acre lake that allows kayak fishing approximately a third of the year, the so-called Lake Guntersville bass factory is one of the most productive locations any angler could visit. Furthermore, the scenery is breathtaking, to say the least, the beautiful sunrise gently stroking the water that hosts so many fish and highlighting the gorgeous vegetation.

#9 – Okmulgee Lake, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the richest regions when it comes to lakes, but there is one that attracts the attention more than all others – Okmulgee. The scenic dam area mesmerizes those who come here, the rushing streams and cascading waterfalls providing an enchanting scenery which is hard to forget. The lakes measures 668 acres, so you will have a full day of fun here, and the shoreline measures 19 miles. Furthermore, as it is adjacent to Dripping Springs Lake, you can actually visit two marvelous fishing destinations in one shot. Among the fish species that you can reel here are included channel catfish, sunfish, largemouth bass, and white bass.

#8 – Marsh Creek Lake, Pennsylvania

As an angler, you dread boring moments. However, in Marsh Creek Lake, this is not something to worry about as catches will seem to be flowing in. Walleye, panfish, and tiger muskies are only some of the fish you will be able to catch here. This so-called big bass lake is one of the most popular destinations in Pennsylvania, a short half-hour drive sufficing to get there.

#7 – Ptarmigan Lake, Colorado

If you want to enjoy a beautiful, breathtaking scenery while you catch fish, the Ptarmigan Lake should be your go-to destination. The spectacular high mountain lake is surrounded by towering peaks, and the conglomerate of fish ensures you won’t go home empty-handed. Furthermore, considering that this destination is in Colorado if you have enough time, you can go sightseeing and explore this wonderful US region.

#6 – Onondaga Lake, New York

A 4.6-mile long and 1-mile wide lake that has a significant importance to the population of central New York, the Onondaga Lake is a destination you must visit at least once. What makes it such a great fishing point is the fact that it is not designated for swimming, being specialized for boating and fishing. Furthermore, there is a surprisingly high number of fish species here, some of the catches including smallmouth bass, panfish, carps, and largemouth bass.

#5 – Choke Canyon, Texas

If you want to catch more uncommon fish like crayfish, shad, and bluegill, your next destination should be Choke Canyon. This Texas lake is abundant in fish, its 25670-acre spread ensuring you won’t get bored here and that your day will be filled with angling experience to tell others about. Best of all, the bass here grows really big, so if you want a trophy catch, you must get here quick!

#4 – Clear Lake, California

A 44000-acre natural lake that has stunned people with the gorgeousness of the scenery as well as its compelling history, the Clear Lake of California is a fishing destination you will most likely revisit as often as you can. Due to the tectonic plate activity here, there is a constant renewal of fresh water which causes an incredible fish-per-acre output.

#3 – Lady Bird Lake, Texas

By far the best kayaking lake in Texas, the Lady Bird Lake is a destination you must visit as soon as possible. It is situated in the heart of downtown Austin, being easily accessible for newcomers to this area of the US. It boasts plenty shadowy areas, which means that it is a perfect hosting space for numerous delicious fish species. Also, there are other activities which can be taken up here, including fishing offshore, paddle boarding, and hiking.

#2 – Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Okeechobee Lake is one of the greatest fisheries in the world, not only in the country, this Florida Everglades spot catching the eye of serious anglers everywhere. What it is most renowned for is the abundance of bass and the high catch rate, for those who like the taste of bass fishing here being an opportunity they cannot skip on.

#1 – Lake Chelan, Washington

Our number one pick is the Chelan Lake in Washington, a 50.5 miles reservoir that is surrounded by vineyard and mountains which add up to a breathtaking scenery. Besides fishing, you can do plenty of other activities here, including hiking and biking. Furthermore, it is impossible for you to return home empty-handed, so if you want to show off with your catch and your angling skills, you have to go here at least once in your life.

Author: Jane Hitchcock

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