Things you did not know about Algarve, Portugal

If you think about visiting Europe, you probably have in mind great names of cities such as Paris, London or Rome. In spite of the huge popularity of these places, there are also plenty of other locations worth seeing, such as Algarve, Portugal. The region is situated in the southern part of the country and although it has more than 100 beaches, it is definitely way more than a mere seaside resort. Although few people know this, Algarve has more than 10 million people who come to spend their holidays here, per year. Here are some more interesting things you probably did not know about this south European region:

Algarve has a great real estate market

Although few people know this, Algarve real estate has been constantly blooming in the past decades. This may sound odd, especially if you take into consideration the international economic context. However, it seems that this region’s beauty has managed to overcome any external drawback. Since the 1960s, Algarve has always been the leading choice as a retirement location, for people all around Europe. The huge diversity has only been an advantage for the area, since more and more investors were attracted by the multitude of possibilities. The area is sprinkled with golf courses, luxurious restaurants, resourceful shopping centres and many others. Leisure activities and economics have been increasingly growing, which is why real estate offers are extremely varied. There are plenty of properties to buy, condos, apartments or villas to rent Algarve, so no matter what you need in terms of real estate, here you are likely to find it!


Algarve has unique beaches, literally

The beauty of Algarve has earned it not only the reputation of having the most beautiful beaches in Europe, but in the entire world. There are more than 150 beaches you can choose from, each and every single one having its own particularities and charm. The unusual orange sands are something you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world, not to mention the spectacular natural caves, which are actually unique. These breath taking views, with colours that seem to have come to life from a beautiful painting will definitely fascinate you as soon as you step in Algarve region.


Algarve has a rich culture, too

Besides being an incredible choice for investors and an extraordinary beach resort, Algarve is also a cultural region. There are several ancient castes worth visiting if you reach this area. For instance, the city of Silves homes the best-reserved castle in the south of Portugal, built on the site of the 11th century Moorish Palace of the Verandahs. In 1189, after the three-month siege, the structure was given to King Sancho I. the majestic red sandstone construction has been preserved over the years and can still be seen and visited by tourists. Another great building you need to visit in the area is the 13th century Gothic cathedral. It used to be a mosque and now hosts a number of Crusader tombs and a 14th century jasper statue.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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