The Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach

As the stresses of our day-to-day lives continue to build, it is becoming important for us to find a week or two per year where we can totally relax. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort and the associated St Lucia luxury property known as Sugar Beach Residences prides itself on offering services designed to ensure that all its visitors and residents are able to make the very most of their precious down-time. The Rainforest Spa is Sugar Beach’s own holistic treatment facility, and the perfect place to start the all-important relaxation and rejuvenation process.

The Rainforest Spa’s beautiful aesthetics are truly unique and ideal for those seeking tranquil surroundings where they can relax.

The treatments themselves take place in traditionally constructed Treehouse Rooms, designed to ensure that your connection with the beauty of the island is never broken.

The Sugar Beach Rainforest Spa was created to ensure that its visitors are treated as individuals, which is why the list of treatments is so extensive, and includes several remedies which are unique to the resort. These fall under the banner of the resort’s ‘Signature’ treatments, which include such techniques as the Lava Shell Massage, which makes use of Marine polished sea shells to help create a feeling of genuine warmth in the recipient’s pressure points; an area renowned for carrying large amounts of stress. The Hot Stone massage works along a similar line, but is designed to achieve mental relaxation as well as physical.

Another reason that the Rainforest Spa remains popular is that it offers a wide variety of treatments for couples, making it an ideal destination for those on honeymoon. While some spas in the region will offer ‘couple treatments’ that are simply a single treatment performed simultaneously, the Rainforest’s couple remedies are totally unique, and designed solely with the couple in mind. One of the most popular is the Romantic Renaissance. This treatment gives you both the chance to receive an individually tailored full massage, followed by a full lunch complete with some of the resorts own wonderful sparkling wine. Then, with your meal completed, you can relax in the one of the resort’s all natural ‘Watsu’pools, and take in the secluded beauty of the island’s rainforest vegetation.

The other most popular couple treatment is the Sulphur Seduction, which is a one-of-a-kind service exclusive to St. Lucia. A scenic tour of the island’s ancient and active volcano is followed by a unique bath in the black waters of the Sulphur Springs – springs that come straight from Mt. Soufriere. Increasing the body’s metabolism and circulation as well as warming the muscles and joints, it’s a form of holistic treatment you won’t find anywhere else. Once you’ve finished the bath, you will be taken to the extra-ordinarily beautiful Piton waterfalls, where you can clean yourself in the water flowing straight from mother nature herself. With light refreshments then served, you can travel back to the spa and receive a complimentary 20 minute back massage to conclude the treatment, before retiring to your villa in a complete state of relaxation.

Sugar Beach is just as popular with families as it is with couples, which is why they also pride themselves on offering a great service for those with young children. There are a range of treatments available for the more youthful members of the family. Those under the age of twelve can enjoy some specialist remedies such as the introduction to facial treatments and the chocolate wrap: a technique as popular as you’d imagine. If your young ones are between thirteen and sixteen then they can enjoy the special teenage facial, a range of hair treatments and even learn some skills of their own from one of the Spa’s two unique skincare lessons.

On the make-up side of things, there are also plenty of different treatments for those who want to be pampered, without indulging in a full massage. Sugar Beach’s skilled staff have years of experience in facial cosmetics, and will ensure that whether you’re on your honeymoon or simply enjoying a nice break, you’ll always look stunning. In the resort’s capacity as a wedding venue, it’s also able to offer hair treatments that were designed specifically to meet the standards that all brides deserve on their big day. Fortunately, they’re not limited solely to brides, so anyone who wants to spoil themselves can indulge.

The final, undoubted benefit of the Sugar Beach spa is that even on those leisurely, lazy days where you don’t want to leave your Villa, you don’t have to go without a treatment or two. Our Swedish massage is a wonderfully tranquil experience, with the various luxurious body oils used ideal to help detoxify your body. With tension and stress being washed away to the sound of the nearby ocean, you can reach your state of natural peace all within the confines of your own room.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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