The ideal road trip car should have these features

Whether you’re going on a road trip with your friends or family, the car you take with you is just as important as the destination. After all, you’re in for a long ride and you don’t want to have unpleasant surprises on the road. Many people make the mistake of going on a long road trip with their personal vehicles, but that’s not always a good choice, because the car you drive every day might not be suitable for road trip conditions. To make sure you have a great time, check whether your car meets the criteria for a road trip and, it doesn’t, you might want to burrow another one from a friend, rent one, or, if road trips are a regular thing in your life, buy one just for this purpose.



Driving long distances is fun, but you should take certain precautions in advance. Apart from the fact that you should check that the car is in perfect condition before departing, you should also make sure that it offers decent safety features. Both front and rear airbags are a must and an ABS system is obviously necessary, because you never know what drivers you come across. Keep in mind that a secure car doesn’t necessarily have to be new, you can buy a used one as well. For example, Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Nissan Altima is that it’s very secure, reliable and you can count on it during long trips.


Low fuel consumption

High fuel consumption might not be that big of a problem when you drive the car around the city, but if you drive for hundreds of miles every day, it will be. You don’t want to pay the equivalent of two paychecks on gas alone, so make sure the car you take with your has low, or at least medium fuel consumption.



The more people accompany you on the road trip, the more spacious the car has to be. You should have plenty of leg room and don’t forget that the luggage will take up some as well. If there are more than four passengers, it’s best to take a minivan or an SUV.  


Entertainment options

After the excitement of the departure wears off, you’re four hours into the road trip and you’re starting to get a bit bored, entertainment options will help you get back into the mood. You don’t necessarily have to go as far as to rent a car with high-end tech, but it’s a good idea to get one that has a good surround sound audio system.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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