The hidden beauties of Cancun

If you ever travel to Cancun, you should know that the area has much more to offer than its wide sunny beaches and crystalline waters. Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the area is rich in spectacular views and natural beauties, which you may not be able to find anywhere else in the world. This amazing destination has become one of the most popular places in the world, and for good reason, since it combines perfectly traditionalism and modernity, being the perfect suit to anyone who wants to spend an unforgettable holiday. There are many leisure activities in Cancun, and some of the most popular attractions in the area are represented by the Maya ruins. These amazing buildings have been created without the use of modern technologies, which makes them breath taking for visitors all around the world. Whether you are passionate about ancient civilizations or you are simply trying to enrich your culture, the ruins are something you should not miss if you reach this part of Mexico. Furthermore, you are likely to find some of the rarest landforms on the world: the cenotes. There are most of the times included in Cancun tours and excursions, due to their beauty and uniqueness.

“Cenote” is a Spanish term, depicting a special geological form: a sinkhole created after the collapse of a rock, which has afterwards been filled with groundwater. These places are very rare and can be found only on few countries around the world, and besides representing an amazing view, tourists can actually jump and swim in their waters. These landforms appear in areas with low altitudes, such as coastlines and islands, because here the soil is less developed. Besides their beauty and rareness, the cenotes also have an interesting past: in ancient times, when the Yucatan Peninsula was inhabited by the Mayans, they would use them as a mean of communication with their gods. The cenotes were the place where they performed sacrificial offerings and found they gateway to the spiritual dimension. This religious significance cannot be ignored, especially by those who know a little something about the Maya culture, this mysterious and fascinating civilization. The locals have transformed these landforms into amazing tourist attractions near Cancun, and some of them belong to actual touristic complexes, where people can enjoy various leisure activities. Those who come here can enjoy a good swim in the ground waters, eat exquisite meals in the restaurants, visit the surroundings, make shopping in the local stores and even get accommodated in one of the traditional cottages available.


If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cancun, you cannot miss these natural beauties: they will fascinate you with their rich vegetation and mysterious atmosphere. They are surrounded by wildlife and you will feel as if you were transported to a whole different world, enjoying the bright vivid colours and peaceful atmosphere. The natural pools are the perfect choice if you want to cool off from the hot weather, swim with catfishes and make unforgettable memories.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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