The best international cuisines you have to try according to Nick Haques

International cuisine became a big thing in the US especially because of the number of immigrants that came to live the American dream, but it is also a nice way to get to know foreign cultures through their food. Slowly, the trend went to Europe and now people can choose what they want to eat if they got tired of their traditional dishes. It is also very convenient since you can order food from home and you won’t have to worry about cooking every day.


Everybody know that pasta and pizza come from Italy, but what they might not know is how pizza was invented. It was initially made o focaccia, a flat bread, on which various toppings were added. Pizza was initially focaccia with tomato sauce and it was common among the poor that lived in Naples around the late 18th century. But besides the 2 famous dishes, there are also various other ones with the basic Mediterranean Sea ingredients like olives and olive oil, basil and oranges, parmesan, gorgonzola and fondue that are special kinds of Italian cheese and the most famous of all is the wine they produce. Italians are also known for their passion for strong espresso coffee.


Besides the world-renowned sushi, Japanese cuisine has many other dishes and is generally one of the healthiest in the world. You can try ramen, sashimi, tempura and a wide variety of sweets from old or new recipes. The Koi restaurant is the best representative of Japanese cuisine developing art on a plate in various locations around the USA and also Bangkok.


Greeks are known for their great food and ways of partying from dawn till dusk and then again from dusk till dawn. The most famous dish is souvlaki, but you should also try their goat feta cheese in various other dishes and salads seasoned with the delicious tzatziki sauce. Many people don’t know, but moussaka came from Greece as well.


The Turks have been known to have one of the most delicious dishes in the world and the legend says that if you visit their country you will come back with a few extra pounds. The truth is that they are rewound for their sis kebab, manti, sarma and kofte, but also for their passion for black tea and their own Turkish coffee. The downside is that if you are a fan of pork meat, you won’t be able to find it there, because, as a majoritarian Muslim country, they are forbidden by religion to eat it. If you really want to get the sweet taste of Turkey, you must try their Turkish delight and baklava.


If you are a fan of spicy food, then Mexican cuisine is the best choice. They have a great variety of street or regular food seasoned with chilly peppers and other hot spices. The most famous of them all is the avocado based guacamole sauce that you can basically use with everything. Besides salty food, you can also try the sweets, like churros and tamales dulces.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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