Places to visit in Rome

   When looking for places to visit in Rome, one must organize their vacation thoroughly, because this is a city full of attractions due to its rich history and culture. Former capital of the Roman Empire, the city is still left with many ancient constructions and sites that mustn’t be missed on a visit there. The main attraction in Rome is the Colosseum, a very well preserved arena built between 70AD and 80AD which used to hold up to 70,000 people during the bloody games and holidays that emperors threw across the years.


Most people have at least seen pictures of the Colosseum, so they will recognize the many arches that adorn the building and that led to interior corridors from the base of the stadium. The arches on the upper floors used to be filled with statues of gladiator figures. If there, it’s good to visit the Arch of Constantine, which is just outside the main entrance of the Colosseum and is a magnificent architectural accomplishment. There are different modes of transportation from Rome, you may also be interested in these hotels with Rome airport shuttle.


Other places to visit in Rome include the Roman Forum, which was at the heart of the Roman civilization. Here you’ll find numerous temples, sanctuaries, rows of shops, arches and columns, Senate buildings and many other interesting things. Next on your list of places to visit in Rome should be the Pantheon, a temple raised for the Olympian gods more than 2000 years ago, though it was converted into a Christian church in 609.


The San Clemente Basilica is an amazing site with its Triumph of the Cross dome area made up of millions of mosaic pieces. The Fountain of Trevi was built in 1762 by the combined forces of Salvi, Bracci and Pannini on the original site of a fountain that was fed by Roman Aqueducts. You can’t make a list of places to visit in Rome without adding the Spanish Steps or, as they’re originally called, Scalinata di Trinita dei Monti. Both the steps and the Piazza get their names from the Spanish Embassy. The stairs are divided by rows of flowers; at their top you find the wonderful Trinita dei Monti church and at the base is the Fontana della Barcaccia.


Others sites that are equally as important and beautiful are the St. Peter Basilica, a huge and impressive church, St. Peter’s Square designed by Bernini adorned with an obelisk brought from Alexandria, Piazza Venezia, a busy square with its Vittorio Emanuele II monument, or the Piazza del Popolo. Everyone must have heard at least once of Trajan’s Column which can be found here. A trip to Italy is not complete without a visit at the Bocca della Verita, whose legend says it could detect liars from honest people. And since we’re on the subject of truth, it must be mentioned here that even if Italy is a safe and civilized country, getting life insurance when traveling abroad is always advised. You can easily get a free life insurance quote from a company in your area, or even from several ones for comparison; that way, you can choose the free life insurance quote that is most appealing to you and your budget and then worry only about having fun and realxing in Rome, this charming and cultural city with its hidden treasures.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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