Places to Visit in Ohio

   If you’re planning a vacation in Ohio you should organize your trip in order to cover a larger area and be able to see its many interesting cities. The top places to visit in Ohio are its largest cities, starting with Columbus, which is also the capital. Columbus is positioned right in the middle of Ohio, so it’s a great starting point for exploring the rest of the state. You can check-in at a hotel there and after exploring the city’s many historical destinations like the full-scale replica of the Santa Maria boat, you can expand your searches to the other smaller cities.


Next on the list of places to visit in Ohio is the city of Cleveland, situated north of the capital. The city is known for being a cultural hub, so you could go see plays and other theater performances and even sports events. Just like Cleveland has a very different atmosphere than Columbus, so is Cincinnati different from the rest of them. This large city is situated at the south tip of the state and was considered to be one of the first true American cities. While you’re in Ohio it’s important you visit any town in Holmes County, as you’ll get the chance to see first-hand and experience Amish culture with its many interesting aspects.


Other places to visit in Ohio include the great Lake Erie, which is best appreciated if seen from the town of Sandusky because it’s also home of Cedar Point, a fun amusement park filled with rollercoasters. But Lake Erie is no the only body of water worth seeing in Ohio. You should also check-out Ohio River which travels throughout the state but is best experienced from Toronto. Next on the list should be Cuyahoga Falls, a river named this way because of its many waterfalls.


Ohio is also a cultural state, so you can spend some of your time there visiting all the interesting museums like the Arms Family Museum of Local History, the Bedford Museum, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Dayton Museum of Natural History, Firelands Historical Society Museum, Fort Ancient Museum, Gay 90’s Mansion Museum or the SunWatch Indian Village/ Archaeological Park. These and many more other museums are available and come in such a great variety that surely something to everyone’s tastes can be found.


The state of Ohio was home of many important events in the history of the United States of America, so those passionate about the making of a country should pay a visit to places like Tuscarawas County or Warren and Pickaway County.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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