Places to Visit in New York

   New York is one of the biggest and liveliest states in the United States and its capital, New York City, is the most populous in the entire country, with over 8.1 billion residents. New York City is known as a center for culture and finance and as the largest gateway for immigration to the US. If planning a trip there, looking for places to visit in New York is quite an easy task as both the city and state offer numerous attractions to tourists all over the world. Nonetheless, at this point we should mention that any thought of traveling abroad should be followed by a consideration for your safety, and that of your family. That is why it is recommended to look for a life insurance quote and see what the best holiday coverages are; with short-term policies the life insurance quote shouldn’t be too high, and the costs definitely would not exceed the sums you would have to pay in case someone needs medical attention.

To begin with, one shouldn’t miss a trip down Ellis Island, an important landmark in American history because it was the first piece of land immigrants would see on their arrival here. The island is also home to another symbol of America, the Statue of Liberty, the bronze lady that was offered as a gift by the French when America won its independence. And if you’re interested in history, pay a visit tot the Ellis Island Immigration Museum as well. Next stop on the greatest places to visit in New York is the Empire State Building, icon of the city since 1931. Visitors can go up in the Observatory and admire the city from above. Those passionate about celebrities and historical figures can also find the Madame Tussaud’s Museum near the Empire State Building.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, one of the best places to visit in New York is Central Park, this 843-acre green space full of beautiful landscapes and hidden histories. On your trip here you can take a look at the model sailboats at the Conservatory Water, the Belvedere Castle atop Vista Rock or the Bow Bridge, one of the park’s most photographed locations. Don’t miss the Imagine Mosaic, a tribute to former Beatles member John Lennon.

Take a stroll through West Village for a feel of the old New York and if you’re an art lover pay a visit to MoMA, a contemporary art center that holds artwork from all the modern masters. Though it’s not a tourist destination per se, Grand Central Station is still an impressive and lively building where you can get a feel of New York’s veins. Among other attractions that shouldn’t be missed is The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the world’s largest cathedral.

There are many interesting museums in New York, but really unique is Dialogue in the Dark, where visitors can experience a series of New York environments highlighted by scents, sounds, temperatures and textures in complete darkness, while being guided by blind or visually impaired guides.


Author: Nelson Rhodes

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