Places to visit in Los Angeles

Who doesn’t know Los Angeles is the place that attracts all those who dream of becoming actors. Los Angeles is the place to go because of Hollywood and theme parks. Among the best places to visit in Los Angeles we can mention Disney Land, Universal Studios and the elegant beaches of Santa Monica.

What you should know about Los Angles is that a lot of actors and actresses have secondary homes here because of the large number of film studios. So visiting Los Angeles is visiting a place where glamour and celebrities can be seen all over the place.

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and if you want to see many great places in a relatively short time it is advisable for you to rent a car.

Once in Los Angeles, you should definitely go to Griffith Park or take a tour to Hollywood Boulevard to see its famous’ Walk of Fame. Here you can take pictures of your favorite famous names which are embedded in the cement of Hollywood Boulevard. The Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the Kodiak Theater are other great places to visit in Los Angeles that you should not miss. You should know the Kodiak Theater is where they host the Oscars every year.

You can also choose to go on the top of Hollywood so that you can have a great overview to Los Angels. You should not avoid seeing the artistic part of this city and visit the Getty Center in Santa Monica.

If you want to spend a few moments on a sunny and elegant beach, you can go to the most beautiful beach of Santa Monica. Of course, if you want more than this, you can choose a more chic but also expensive beach and go to Malibu a few kilometers north. You are sure to find here something luxurious and stylish and if we add that this place is preferred by many stars and celebrities from all over the world you have a complete picture of a world of glamour and fame that spend time around here.

If you want more culture and history, go attain a hotel which can present you all the great places of Hollywood. If you prefer a more contemporary style, you can choose from the more intimate places to rest as the Viceroy or the Sofitel.

For those seeking for trendy bars, restaurants or cafes the Silver Lake offers a different perspective and represents one of many other great places to visit in Los Angeles. However, you should be aware that since it is such a rich place, one where the cinema industry is at its most powerful, criminal elements are also attracted to the area. This means that it would be advised for you to get some life insurance before traveling there, but before traveling anywhere else for that matter. In fact, you can get a free life insurance quote from any company you contact, or even from several ones and thus be able to compare them. A free life insurance quote does not mean cheap premiums, so be careful to shop around patiently for the best coverage you can get. Other than that, there is nothing stopping you from having the vacation of your life in L.A.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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