Places to Visit in Georgia

   Georgia is a state situated in the southeastern United States. If you’re planning on taking a trip there, first of the places to visit in Georgia on your list should be its capital, the city of Atlanta. Brimming with life and culture, Atlanta is a great city for living but for tourism as well. Here you can visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, the Piedmont Park, the Oakland Cemetery with its beautiful park, alleys and Civil War monuments, the Atlanta Botanical Garden or the incredible Dialogue in the Dark, which is a darkened Exhibition through which visitors are led by blind or visually impaired guides. This is definitely one of the places to visit in Georgia, a surreal place where sounds, wind, temperatures and textures convey the characteristics of common daily environments like a park or a cityscape. Visitors must rely on their blind guides for security and orientation, learning to “see” with their other senses, like touch, smell and hearing.


One could spend an entire vacation in Atlanta only, because this city offers numerous attractions like museums, parks, the Turner baseball field, the Georgia Dome, the SweetWater Brewery, the Georgia Aquarium, the Lasershow Spectacular at Stone Mountain Park and many other theatres, playhouses and sports clubs.


Other amazing places to visit in Georgia include the Chattahoochee Nature Center which offers visitors many outdoor activities and entertainment, Thomasville, which is a piece of history in the present with its old buildings and their impressive facades. There are also many ranches which are open to the public, like the Rock Ranch or the Cagle’s Family Farm, where families can enjoy country living and experience a different, simpler kind of living. Here children can play with animals and learn interesting facts about agriculture. This is one of the many reasons why Georgia would be perfect for a family life cruise; it offers attractions for both adults and children and the two groups combined, and it can start off an adventure neither will forget too soon. A good family life cruise has to be riddled with entertainment, lots of fresh air and activity, but with a touch of education as well, so a naturally-spectacular and history-ridden state like Georgia can definitely offer all that.


The Okefenokee Swamp Park is another dot on our list of places to visit in Georgia, because it is a significant part of America’s heritage. Located in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, it is a convenient point of entry and a wonderful show-window for this natural wonderland. Here you can admire the park’s lily-decked water trails and the vast wilderness of islands, lakes, jungles, forests and prairies. Visitors in Georgia should not miss the opportunity of going to Helen, a re-creation of a Bavarian Alpine village, complete with cobblestone streets, which is crossed by the gentle Chattahoochee River. Once a lumber town, Helen is today a center for more than 200 specialty and import shops that offer everything from candle making to cuckoo clocks and quilts. Here you can also find the Unicoi State Park and stop for a wine tasting at the Habersham Winery.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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