Places to visit in Amsterdam

It is said that one cannot be happy until they manage to visit some countries. It is because tourism has always had a significant impact on people’s lives, mentalities and culture. For example, after having gone abroad and discovered how other people think and act, your own lifestyle may suffer several changes as well. This is why you should start by thinking of some places to visit in Amsterdam.

How many times have you thought of going to the Netherlands? If you have not thought about it at all so far, you can start right now. Choose one of its greatest cities, like Amsterdam, pack your stuff and go!

You can start with Concertgebouw, which is said to be among the most relevant attractions out there. You can enjoy there the great acoustics and feel free to remember of the 19th century. This place is the official contact house of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and if you have the change to visit it, you should definitely take advantage of it.
The second suggestion for places to visit in Amsterdam is Central Library, also known as Openbare Bibliotheek. You only need to go for about 10 or 15 minutes away from the Centraal Station and there you can enjoy seeing this beautiful place.

On the other hand, you could take into account Anne Frank House, a museum that will totally catch your eyes and mind. This place will take you back in time when Anne Frank lived and started writing a diary. She did it on the occasion of the World War Two and her history is fascinating. It will be great to forget about your actual worries and concerns and focus on those times.
However, if you are not passionate about history and culture and want to live in the present, we can recommend you to choose Prinsengracht. Its design will leave you speechless, because it belongs to one of the most relevant canals of Amsterdam. Enjoy the trip and feel free to make as many photos as you want. Amsterdam is one of the top destinations in Europe, because it offers you a wide variety of options to have fun.

Decide first what you want to do in your holiday and afterwards you can start deciding over the most interesting places to visit in Amsterdam. We advise you to check out the Amsterdam travel guide on for more information on the best touristic attractions in this city. You will definitely enjoy this city and there is no chance that you want to return home as soon as possible. Book your plane ticket to the Netherlands and forget about the people in your country for a few days!

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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