Getting to Know Bintan Island

The little known island of Bintan, also referred to as Negeri Segantang Lada, floats among the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Bintan is the largest of 3000 islands that form the Riau province and is home to white sands, culinary delights, awe inspiring sights and luxury Bintan resorts making it the perfect holiday location.

  • Arriving at Bintan Island

Despite accounting for just 0.0005% of the world’s surface, the paradise of Bintan Island is easily reached from locations around the globe.

  • Flying

Bintan Island is not currently spoilt by the noise pollution of an international airport. There are plans for a local airport to be built at Lobam but currently the best way to reach Bintan Island is by flying to Singapore and completing the journey by ferry.

Singapore airport welcomes arrivals from many countries around the world from Europe to the USA. People traveling from within Indonesia may be able to fly to Indonesian locations such as Batam Batu Besar which may save money on flights.

  • Bintan Ferry


Bintan sits just 10km off the southern coast of Singapore, the islands closest metropolis. There is a regular ferry service that connects Singapore’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan’s Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, with a voyage lasting just short of an hour.

With such a short distance separating them, many people see Bintan Island as the perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. If you decide to make the crossing expect to pay around 30 SGD, being mindful when booking tickets that Bintan’s time zone (WIT) is an hour ahead of Singapore’s (MYT).

  • Experience Bintan’s Best

Bintan offers a plethora of sights to see, thrills to seek and events to observe. Finding great things to do on the island is easy, but to make things even easier here is collection of ‘must-do’s’.

  • Shops

Bintan’s capital Tanjung Pinang is a great location for shopping, with a selection of malls and markets. Main Street is a prime location to appreciate the local culture of Bintan, with stalls selling local produce and Indonesian treats like peanut pancakes, pisang goring or grilled fish. It is also the best location to find some unique souvenirs with a choice of locally crafted ceramics, jewellery and clothing.

  • Thrills


Adventure seekers should consider trading in their sun beds for a mud bath, courtesy of an all-terrain vehicle. Choose between a quad-bike or dune buggy and speed around Wakatobi Trail at your leisure watching them mud fly! It is highly recommended to take a change of clothes with you, unless you are confident in your abilities to pull-off the ‘swamp monster’ look.

  • Treks

There is no better way to appreciate the natural beauty of Bintan Island than by trekking through it. A variety of adventure treks are available from the Bintan hotels, the tours will take you through the rainforest of Bintan, climbing to the islands highest peak of 340m and rewarding you with panoramic photo opportunities. Along the way you will observe the rare silver leaf monkeys, sun birds, eagles and deer, native to Bintan Island.

  • Events

Bintan plays host to a variety of events throughout the year, with perhaps the most unique being The Dragon Boat Festival. Held annually on October 1st, the spectacle sees a variety of traditionally crafted and decorated dragon boats compete in various races. Spectators can rent small boats and join the locals in the water, ensuring a great view of the action.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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