Five Travel Tips For Visiting London

Every year around 15 million people travel from around the world to visit London. It is the capital of Great Britain, the home of the royal family and parliament, and has a resident population of around 8 million. In case you’re planning to visit London now or in the future, we cover five simple tips to help you save money, have fun and enjoy your stay.

Use the Underground

When you are in London, try to take advantage of The London Underground. Although the famous map may seem scary at first, it’s actually very intuitive after you take the time to study it for a little. Traveling by the Underground will save you money, and it will also give you an opportunity to truly experience the city. If possible, try to avoid traveling at the time when commuters are getting to and from work.

Watch out for the weather
Brits are known for always complaining about the weather, and Londoners are no different. Because London is positioned to the south, it’s usually a bit warmer than other British cities, but the difference is relatively small. London sees average highs of around 70°F during summer, and average lows of around 40°F during winter. Make sure to bring appropriate clothing and to plan your trip around the type of weather you prefer, but keep in mind that it will generally be more expensive to visit London during summer.

Picking up flights
If you are planning to visit London as part of a trip to other European cities, think carefully about the best place to land and depart. Usually it will be more cost effective to start and end your trip in the same city, and some cities are more expensive than others. You will usually pick up the cheapest flights in January time, and the cheapest flights usually depart on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Look carefully and you could easily come up with great deals during warmer months.

Selecting a hotel
If you like to travel with a particular group of hotels, such as Royal Holiday, you can usually expect that they will have a few London locations for you to choose from. Follow Royal Holiday to see what you find. Depending on your budget, you might prefer to live a bit out of the city. There is lots of great public transport, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting around.

Exchanging currency

Many foreigners wrongly assume that the British use the euro, but they actually use the pound. To get a rough idea of the dollar cost of something in pounds, multiply by 1.5. For a more precise measure, multiply by 1.6. If you’re looking to make a quick calculation, simply add one half onto the price in pounds and you’ll have the dollar value. For example, if something costs £100, add on 50 and you’ll see that it costs around $150. When selecting a place to exchange money, be sure to take account of the exchange rate and any commission charged.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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