First time going on a river cruise in Vietnam

Considering that Vietnam is an easily accessible country from nearly everywhere around the globe, planning a cruise on the Mekong river is definitely a to-do thing this year. This country abounds in colour and leaves every visitor mesmerized, regardless the season of the year it is visited. Consider looking for the best Mekong river cruise Vietnam to suit your budget and engage in this type of adventure at least once in a lifetime. Here are some great tips you should keep in mind for your first river cruise in this part of the world.

Choose a professional cruise agency

The first step you have to make the moment you decide to go on a river cruise in Vietnam is to look for a professional and reliable agency that organizes this type of cruises. It is essential you do detailed online research in order to find out which agencies are the most reputed and appreciated ones in your region. You definitely want to have the best experience of your life, so working with a trust-worthy travel agency is a must.

Ensure you have all documents with you

Most travellers from different countries around the globe are required visas for entry into Cambodia and Vietnam, so make sure your passport is still valid before you take off. Also, it is essential you check what other regulations and terms you have to meet to be able to enter this country in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from occurring.

The right time to go on a cruise

Mekong river cruises are a delight for every tourist looking for some adventure, yet the best time of the year to visit Vietnam and Cambodia is during the cold season, which lasts from November through February. Temperatures during this period are more bearable compared to the ones in the summer and the rainy season, which usually lasts from July through October, has also passed.

Useful tips:

  • Do not over-pack! Before you go on this holiday, make a list of all the things you may need, yet try not to take too many clothes with you or useless items, since you are there to relax and have some great time after all, not to carry some bulky luggage from one place to another.
  • Prepare for upset stomach – you should consider taking some pills with you just in case you experience upset stomach. It is a common health issue many Westerners deal with when visiting this region.
  • Insect repellent is a must when going on a vacation in Vietnam, so make sure you include it on your check list.
  • Avoid petting the animals, no matter how cute they may seem, as there are chances you either get bitten or get rabies. Take some photos of them, but for your own safety, keep yourself at relevant distance from any animals.
  • Pack light clothes. Although temperatures in the winter are quite low in Western countries, this does not count for Vietnam and Cambodia. Even during the cold season temperatures can be rather high for you, so make sure you pack light clothes only

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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