Alcohol restrictions in America – useful travelling tips

Few people think about alcohol restrictions when travelling abroad believing that the regulations from their own countries apply and unknowingly breaking the law. To avoid unpleasant situations at the customs and ensure that you will have a blast during your trip in the US, you need to keep in mind the fact that Americans are stricter when it comes to alcohol than other countries. These strict regulations do not apply only to individuals, but also to businesses that wish to sell alcoholic beverages and require a liquor license. Businesses operating in the hospitability industry need to obtain this license and observe the state’s legislation regarding the time and quantity they are allowed to sell. Keep in mind that legislation might differ from state to state, county to county, so a business with an Orlando liquor license will not be able to sell alcohol outside certain hours and on Sundays.

Liquor stores operating hours


After visiting a foreign country, we always come back with souvenirs and local specialties. While transporting food is out of the question, most of us choose to get the people at home a sample of alcoholic brews specific to the place we visited. You can imagine that bringing cheese from France is not a brilliant idea, but a bottle of fine wine should do no harm. However, you should not leave the souvenir shopping to the last minute as usual during your trip to America, because you might end up without any. You should purchase the alcohol when you get the chance, because the operating hours of businesses selling liquor are regulated by the county or municipality where you are, so you might want to purchase a bottle of beer for your father on Sunday at ten and discover that no store is allowed to sell it. You also have to keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are not to be served or consumed between midnight and 7 a.m. in America.


Transporting alcohol


Another thing you need to keep in mind about alcohol when travelling to America is the fact that some laws may not allow you to transport alcoholic beverages. If you have a road trip in mind, you should be careful and read the legislation of each state and county through which you wish to go, because some of them have made bringing alcohol on their territory illegal. For instance, in Utah it is illegal to transport alcohol with a few exceptions. You should also read how much alcohol you are allowed to carry with you when entering and leaving the US and keep in mind that the legal age for consuming and carrying alcohol in this country is 21 or older.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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