A different kind of holiday: Yachting through Ibiza


Summer is quickly approaching and with it you might begin to wonder where your next holiday ought to be. This is the kind of question you ask yourself with joy, because as most people you too like to travel. Given this fact, you might be open to a different idea. Instead of finding a city you appreciate, booking a hotel for a week and paying for sightseeing tour passes, this year you could rent an Ibiza yacht charter. This is the kind of holiday you will most definitely appreciate, a holiday you will absolutely love.  First you have to think that it is Ibiza and this in itself is a great gain. Then you are talking about renting a boat and not just a boat, but an actual yacht. This holiday is going to be phenomenal. Here are a few tips and tricks you might find useful when planning this holiday.

Why yachting in Ibiza?

There are two problems you might be faced with. First of all, you have to answer the obvious question. Why Ibiza? Well, why not? This is an absolutely enchanting island with so many interesting and attractive things to do. From going clubbing all night long to relaxing on the beach, options come in a large number. Ibiza has marvelous surroundings and walking around will certainly be a pleasure. Going to Ibiza is a dream for many, but for the rest it is pure pleasure. As for yachting, this is a passion a lot of celebrities share and appreciate. Because you might be worried about the idea of sailing, know that while it is simple to learn and you would quickly get the hang of it, you can hire a yacht that comes with a crew. This way, all you will have to do on the boat is relax and all people know how to do that. Just remember to hire a boat with a crew.

What to do around Ibiza?

So, why not take things step by step? It is much simpler this way. Ibiza is beautiful. It is a lovely island with lots to offer tourists. Of course it is best known throughout the world for its noisy, exciting clubs, but Ibiza is much more than nightlife. Although lively, vivid and loud, the nightlife is only part of the beauty of this sand, as Ibiza has amazing beaches, culture and great restaurants. If you rent a yacht, you can visit places like Santa Eulària des Riu or Sant Antoni de Portmany, even Santa Eulalia.

Where to find a boat?

Now, that you have managed to find a great location for your next holiday, you need to figure out a way to get your hands on the means to get you there. So, you are looking for a yacht. Most likely you are not going alone. You have two options. You can either wait until you get to Ibiza and then find a yacht or you could the services of a dedicated online platform specialized in boats for rent. There are a few out there you can make use of. If you go for the online version, then definitely check reputation, just to make sure that you are in fact making the right choice.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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