A car you definitely want to use for family traveling

If you were looking for the perfect car to buy in order to travel safe and a lot, then this is the answer for you: Acura MDX. Even though it might sound like such a car is not affordable at all and it doesn’t require all your needs as a family, read this article and your opinion will surely change. The features and specs of this car make it suitable for traveling. In case you are low on the budget and you want to find a car that won’t make you reach bankruptcy when it comes to buying and consumption, then consider buying a used Acura MDX for sale. Used cars are just as efficient as new ones and they are sometimes considered safer just because they were tested before and they still offer the same capacity as when they were initially bought. Say goodbye to difficulties while driving and start living the real driving experience with Acura!

Basics and pricing

When buying this car as a new one, you might be scared by its initial price, reaching up to $60000. Now, this can be quite intimidating if you don’t know what this car hides behind its appearance. Firstly, you should know that this 4-doored monster on wheels can hold up to 7 passengers and has a 4.5 litre V6 engine accompanied by a nine-speed automatic transmission. You are starting to understand why does it cost so much, aren’t you? The fuel tank capacity reaches 20 gal and the ABS system is a 4-wheel to ensure the best driving experience. The engine type is categorized as Premium Unleaded and has a gasoline direct injection with a net horsepower of almost 300.


When moving on to interior, you will be surprised to hear that this car has a heated, ventilated system for the front seats and rocks a power lumbar support for best comfort level possible. In the back, you will meet a quality folding split bench that can be also heated and a fixed leatherette bench. The remote keyless entry couldn’t miss, along with the cruise control steering wheel. The integrated navigation system is the one detail that will make traveling with this car the most enjoyable ever. Also, make good use of the 3 LCD monitors available with this car.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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