3 reasons why you need to visit Port Grimaud right now


The French Riviera evokes nothing but images of celebrities bathing in the sun, yachts and of course designer boutiques. If you are cruising on the French Riviera, you should not miss the chance of visiting Port Grimaud, the down-to-earth village. What is certain is that visiting Port Grimaud is a must. The seaside town is very close to Saint Tropez. What is more, it is a veritable paradise, most comparing it with the beautiful Venice. Finding an apartment Port Grimaud is not at all difficult. As a matter of fact, you have a number of deals on places to relax during vacation. While Port Grimaud is not the most glamorous places in France, it is certainly one that is worth visiting.

Enjoying a holiday in a genuine Provençal village

Provence, namely the south of France, accommodates a large number of picturesque villages and Port Grimaud is no exception. It is at the same time a port and a genuine Provençal village. The village was built around the year 1966 when the streets literally started to emerge from the water. The only way you can get about is by foot or by boat of course. It is needless to say that the seaside village is built in the true Provençal style, having maintained most of its medieval character. What you are likely to find is colorful houses. Although the Provençal style is a faux one, it cannot be denied that the result is a successful one. The only things that stand out are the canals and the ques.

Port Grimaud offers a number of attractions 

There are quite a few places of interest in the village, of which mention can be made of the sandy beaches and of course the Église St-Francois-d’Assise where the architect that designed the beautiful village is buried. The truth is that you do not have any excuses for not going to Port Grimaud as it is only a few kilometers away from Saint Tropez. If you are not interested in water sports like skiing or snorkeling, then you will definitely take pleasure in exploring the village by boat. You have the possibility to rent a small boat or book one of the many guided tours. There are about 12 kilometers of quays, but you should know that the commune is more accessible by foot.

The Sunday market is very French

If you were looking forward to a nice Provençal market, then you are in luck because Port Grimaud has a very nice market. You can find a great assortment of food, such as fruits, vegetables, and traditional products. The market is worth visiting if you have nothing else to do or, better yet, if fish is your favorite. You can be sure that all the products are fresh and that  the products are high quality. The Provençal market does not include only prepared foods. You can also find lavender and even clothes. Such a trip will be the highlight of your visit, especially if you have children with you.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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