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Introducing the splendid island of Cozumel

Posted on Oct 24, 2015 in Places to visit

Cozumel is by far one of the largest islands located on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. What instantly makes Cozumel stand out from all the others is its spectacular green vegetation and clear beaches, not to mention the world-class accommodations and restaurants. Not only is the Caribbean island the country’s hottest vacation spot, but it also offers many opportunities for those who are looking for a rewarding experience. Therefore, if you want to explore the Mayan ruins or swim in the Caribbean Sea, then you should not give the Cozumel tour a second thought. Following are just some of the many tourist attractions that tell the story of city.

Introducing the splendid island of Cozumel

Magnificent sandy beaches

It is not astonishing to find out that one of the main attractions of Cozumel are the white sandy beaches. Although the island is not popular for its beaches, they are quite impressive. Thanks to the numerous coral reefs that surround it, all the beaches are covered with powdery white sand. The underwater scenery comprised of colorful reefs and countless species of fish make it the perfect place to dive and snorkel. If you don’t find the snorkeling excursions tempting, then you can bask in the sun all day long.

Cozumel’s Island Museum

Located in downtown San Miguel, the museum of the island of Cozumel makes available collections and exhibitions that are related to the store of the natural environment and local culture. Basically, the museum provides you significant information about the history of the city and its people, including relevant facts about its formation as well as the current status. When you want to take a break from the beach and learn about the pre-Colombian or Colonial period, then this is the place to be.

Additionally, you can expand your knowledge on the wildlife migration patterns and on the countless pirate attacks. When you eventually get tired of all the multi-media displays and collection of ancient artifacts, you can relax at the restaurant located on the second floor and enjoy the spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. While there are popular choices, such as Playa San Juan and Playa Santa Pilar, the others are just as attractive.

San Gervasio

Among the many Maya sites that have been found on Cozumel, San Gervasio is the most important one. The site used to serve as a religious center for the Mayan people and it paid tribute to the goddess Ixchel. The archeological site even includes a temple built to worship the goddess. The site was not only the main center of attention of the island’s religious life, but also a place of pilgrimage. Even today fragments of the old temple and sculptures are visible. The archeological site includes a book-store so that you can buy guides and maps.

The Light House

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is the largest ecological reserve of the Cozumel and it is a treasure in disguise. It contains a diversity of natural landscapes, such as beaches, lagoons and forest areas. You can take boat trips through the lagoons and snorkeling excursions or visit the famous Punta Sur Light House. The light house allows you to explore beach and dunes and you can also visit the maritime museum.

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A honeymoon cruise

Posted on Oct 1, 2015 in Places to visit


When planning a wedding an important aspect should be the honeymoon destination. The wedding is over and the new family does not even have the time to realize that now they are married. Many of them were too busy planning their wedding, and forgot about the honeymoon. For a just married couple a cruise is a perfect option for the honeymoon, but if they didn’t booked something before the wedding they may think that is impossible to reach that perfect destination they have in mind. Some of them do not know about the existence of last minute cruises, and choose to go by plane in only one of the places they wanted to see during a cruise. The lucky ones can pick one of the following perfect honeymoon cruises.

a honeymoon cruise

Caribbean cruise

Caribbean cruises are perfect for the ones that love music and dance, tranquil waters as blue as the sky and breathtaking landscapes. Caribbean is also interesting from the historical point of view, and its captivating stories wait to be discovered. The culture of Caribbean is overwhelming, the heart of the tourist will pump Zumba beats and the years will enjoy the local music. The young lovers will relax on the white-sand beaches and will discover the mysterious Mayan ruins. If they have an adventurous spirit they will discover an amazing lush rainforest, enormous waterfalls and will swim beside the sea turtles.


Norwegian Fjords Cruises

For the ones that just love cold weather the mysterious land of Norway, full of soaring peaks, glaciers and waterfalls may be the perfect honeymoon destination. During the cruise the ship will stop in different ports throughout the region and the travelers could enjoy the deep water, alpine landscapes and timber houses. For a stunning view the tourists should sail to the foot of the Skageflå Mountain to see the Geiranger Fjord.


Mediterranean cruises

If the young couples is interested in the ancient ruins of Rome, or the architecture of Barcelona a Mediterranean cruise is the best option. Also, in this type of cruise Turkey, Greece and the Holy Land can be visited. It is a region where fragments of the stories of ancient gods are found all around the Greek islands and the medieval walled cities of the Adriatic or the caves of the Ionian Sea wait to be discovered. One amazing town to visit during the Mediterranean honeymoon cruise is Santorini, with its amazing view of the ocean, black beaches, and beautiful cliffs.


Cayman Islands cruise

The Cayman Islands are perfect for a honeymoon because of the most spectacular drop-offs, and world class spa. One of Cayman’s attractions is the Stingray city where huge community of people-friendly stingrays which swims among visitors. One of the most beautiful drop-offs is the Bloody Bay Wall. Going to Grand Cayman on a cruise offers the tourists a submarine shore excursion to explore the Grans Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park. There can be seen huge barrel sponges, star coral reef, stingrays and turtles.


When planning a honeymoon, a cruise should always be taken into account because while travelling on sea the new wife and husband get to know each other better. Either if they are sun lovers or not a cruise is always a good option to travel and have fun during the honeymoon.


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What to do in Riviera Maya?

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 in Places to visit

Going on a trip to Mexico and staying in the beautiful Riviera Maya could turn out to be an exciting and enchanting summer holiday. It is true that there are plenty of beautiful places in the world, more than you have ever imagined. However, Riviera Maya has something special, something you won’t find in other locations. Perhaps knowing exactly what to do in Riviera Maya might help you understand why this destination could very well be ideal for the summer. You have so many dedicated guides to help you discover the places worth visiting, but at the same time you could easily go towards one of the many specialized traveling websites and find out what touristic spots are worth seeing in this location. For the time being you will have to quench your thirst for information with the following details. So, here are a few places worth considering when arriving in Riviera Maya.

What to do in Riviera Maya

First of all you should know that when arriving here, you will be dazzled with the high number of hotels and resorts that are waiting for you. Indeed, this location is filled with such establishments, so you don’t have to worry about where you will be sleeping throughout your stay here. These hotels are truly something else. Most of them are beautifully located on the beach watching over the Mediterranean Sea. These also have exceptional restaurants, offering tourists an amazing culinary experience. Secondly, apart from restaurants, one ought to know that this destination is perfect for divers. Indeed, those passionate about this sport will discover some great spots in Riviera Maya. For instance, a great site for beginner divers is the Gran Cenote Island. Located close to Coba, this spot will offer you an experience you will find difficult to forget. The underwater world that is waiting for you truly is something different. Snorkelers will find this tour rather exciting as well. Calavera is yet another example of a great diving site, located close to Tulum, one you could try if you know yourself to be a diving enthusiast.


Apart from resting in the sun, enjoying the services of luxurious hotels and of course doing a bit of diving, you could also take a few outdoor tours. If there is something one will remember about this destination, apart from the impressive ruins belonging to the Mayan civilization, then that has to be the environment. The flora and fauna of the Yucatan Peninsula are truly something else. You will get to see birds of a breathtaking beauty and flowers you never thought existed. What these Riviera Maya outdoor parks and natural reserves will unravel for you will soon make lovely memories you would be glad to carry home with you. The truth is that Riviera Maya is a place worth visiting, a summer destination that will enchant you beyond expectations. Take a look for yourself in some of the pictures you might find online, check out dedicated websites. Surely, you will come to the same conclusion. For a memorable summer vacation, you need a memorable destination, you need Riviera Maya.


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Alcohol restrictions in America – useful travelling tips

Posted on Jul 14, 2015 in Places to visit

Few people think about alcohol restrictions when travelling abroad believing that the regulations from their own countries apply and unknowingly breaking the law. To avoid unpleasant situations at the customs and ensure that you will have a blast during your trip in the US, you need to keep in mind the fact that Americans are stricter when it comes to alcohol than other countries. These strict regulations do not apply only to individuals, but also to businesses that wish to sell alcoholic beverages and require a liquor license. Businesses operating in the hospitability industry need to obtain this license and observe the state’s legislation regarding the time and quantity they are allowed to sell. Keep in mind that legislation might differ from state to state, county to county, so a business with an Orlando liquor license will not be able to sell alcohol outside certain hours and on Sundays.

Alcohol restrictions in America - useful travelling tips.jpg

Liquor stores operating hours


After visiting a foreign country, we always come back with souvenirs and local specialties. While transporting food is out of the question, most of us choose to get the people at home a sample of alcoholic brews specific to the place we visited. You can imagine that bringing cheese from France is not a brilliant idea, but a bottle of fine wine should do no harm. However, you should not leave the souvenir shopping to the last minute as usual during your trip to America, because you might end up without any. You should purchase the alcohol when you get the chance, because the operating hours of businesses selling liquor are regulated by the county or municipality where you are, so you might want to purchase a bottle of beer for your father on Sunday at ten and discover that no store is allowed to sell it. You also have to keep in mind that alcoholic beverages are not to be served or consumed between midnight and 7 a.m. in America.


Transporting alcohol


Another thing you need to keep in mind about alcohol when travelling to America is the fact that some laws may not allow you to transport alcoholic beverages. If you have a road trip in mind, you should be careful and read the legislation of each state and county through which you wish to go, because some of them have made bringing alcohol on their territory illegal. For instance, in Utah it is illegal to transport alcohol with a few exceptions. You should also read how much alcohol you are allowed to carry with you when entering and leaving the US and keep in mind that the legal age for consuming and carrying alcohol in this country is 21 or older.

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Doing a quick online search for Nuremberg hotels

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 in Places to visit

Traveling can open doors to amazing experiences from which you could learn real life lessons or simply get acquainted with different cultures, very different from your own. The world is filled with sunning, mysterious, interesting places and it would be a shame not to visit as many as you can. A suggestion for this fall would certainly be Nuremberg, a lovely town in Germany. You have so many things to see in this location, from the beautiful Saint Sebaldus Church to the imposing Nuremberg Castle. Also, one must not forget about the trials that were once held here. Luckily there are institutions travelers can visit if the Nuremberg trials are of interest to them. Even if you have not set out to visit something in particular, a simple walk on the streets of this town would certainly impress tourists. It is a rather enchanting location especially in the fall time. So, if the idea appeals to you, then you’d best start searching for hotels in Nuremberg Germany and what better way to complete this goal other than by using the Internet? When doing your own online search, do consider the following aspects, just to make sure that you will in fact enjoy the much-awaited trip.


Variety in options


When searching for hotels online, you will most likely be using a dedicated online platform. It is very important to choose such a website that can offer you more options than you need. This way, when deciding on a certain hotel, you would indeed be certain that you have made the correct decision. Variety in options is always welcomed and you would be wise to expect this feature from the online platform you end up using to prepare your trip.


Refined search

Doing a quick online search for hotels.jpg

This is probably the most important aspect of all. When looking for the right hotel, in Nuremberg or anywhere else for that matter, the online platform you will be using should offer you the possibility to conduct a refined search. Given the extensive number of alternatives, it might be best to organize them based on the features that interest you. For instance, you might be looking only for 4 star hotels, located in the historical entre that offer breakfast as well, all in a certain budget. If so, then a website that permits you to structure your search in this manner certainly is a tool worth using.


Professional customer service


This is one aspect you have to pay attention to. Hopefully you will never have to use this service, but if you have to, then you’d best make sure that you will find a dedicated, trustworthy team at the other end of the line, ready to offer the assistance and support you are in need of. On the hotel arrival, you might encounter certain difficulties. In moments of this kind, you have to make sure that you have whom to call to provide you with solution.


Finding the right hotel for your needs in Nuremberg is not difficult. All you need is a professional online tool and a clear knowledge regarding the type of hotel you are looking for.


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How can you create meaningful business relationships?

Posted on Jun 29, 2015 in Places to visit

If you work in the business environment, then you should already know that success is not granted by the quality of the services you offer. Another extremely important aspect is represented by the attention and consideration you show to your stakeholders, whether you are thinking about clients, partners or employees. It is extremely important to maintain a good relationship with your stakeholders, because on a long term, this will bring you nothing but benefits. Customer service is a strategy most businesses use nowadays, because it leads not only to loyal clients but also to strong partnerships, difficult to establish in an instable environment. If the collaboration between you and your partners is remote, then building a trust relationship should be one of your priorities. Here are some things that you can do, in order to streamline your relationship and consolidate your business.


Ask them to come visit you

How can you create meaningful business relationships.jpg

Getting to know your partners personally is very important as far as mutual trust is concerned. For this reason, instead of surprising them with your visit, you should ask them to come over and establish all the necessary details. Book their flight tickets or even rent a private jet and take care of accommodation. In order to impress them, make sure you choose one of the most luxurious hotels in the area or even ask them to stay at your place. This way, they will get to know your family and you will also be able to discuss more than just business.


Organize a business trip

Taking into consideration that you cannot work directly with your partners, the best thing you can do is organize some trips, to discuss personally the most important details of your collaboration. You can try an executive jet hire company, to go to the city or country where they live, or if you want to go the extra mile, you can even invite them to visit your place. Of course, if the meeting is not something established in advance, it is recommended that you cover all the expenses – this will prove that you value their effort of taking time and coming to visit you.


Get to know each other

You should not limit your interaction only to business meetings and social activities; you can join a sports club together or organize common vacations. In addition to this, you should strive to share their hobbies, find out their preferences and maintain a friendly and relaxed relationship. Do not forget to send them greetings on their birthday and on holidays, because this will let them know that you remembered and you care.


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Traveling with kids: what to do in Cancun?

Posted on May 7, 2015 in Places to visit

For some time now, more and more people seem to choose Cancun as the ideal destination for a family trip. It seems that tourists discover that there are a few interesting attractions in this location that children, as well as parents would certainly enjoy. If you have not made the preparations for this year’s summer vacation, perhaps you might want to consider this city, part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Of course, it would be wise to first find out what to do in Cancun, before deciding upon accommodation or transport. So, here is a list of fun things any family could certainly enjoy when visiting Cancun.

Traveling with kids- what to do in Cancun.jpeg

First is the beach. If you have decided to visit this destination, you should know that according to a great deal of individuals, nothing can compare with Playa del Carmen. This is thought to be one of the best beach areas some tourists have ever seen. Of course the Caribbean Sea is well known for its azure waters, but there is something about the beach that amazes all tourists as soon as they reach it. If you are traveling with your children, make sure that you take them on a trip to Playa del Carmen and offer them a glimpse of the beauty of this location. They might not thank you immediately, but as they grow up, they will certainly remember the trip. Also, take your kids on a snorkeling session. Of course, since safety always comes first, you might want to conduct this session with a specialist near you and without going to far in the sea. There are a few great snorkeling sites that will certainly allow you to enjoy the marine life. Even though there will be a lot of splashing in the sea, you should also consider finding an aqua park. Your children will have the time of their life going up and down those slides. There are a few options in Cancun, so you have where to choose from. You could even make a tour of the water parks, but considering the rest of the attractions this destination is offering you, it would be a real shame to focus only on this aspect.


For children, all trips should be educative. They have to return home with new pieces of information on the places they have visited. Luckily for your, Cancun fits this description perfectly. It offers tourists the chance to properly discover the ruins of the Mayan Empire. Take your children and sign in for a cultural tour, because you won’t regret your decision. You could also visit the aquarium or take a different kind of trip to the zoo, in a Hummer. Looking at the facts mentioned above it would seem that your children as well as yourself, will have a lot of to see in Cancun. If you thought that this is one destination that fits only modern couples looking for a great tan, hopefully the facts mentioned above have changed this perspective, showing you a different side of Cancun trips.


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The hidden beauties of Cancun

Posted on May 7, 2015 in Places to visit

If you ever travel to Cancun, you should know that the area has much more to offer than its wide sunny beaches and crystalline waters. Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the area is rich in spectacular views and natural beauties, which you may not be able to find anywhere else in the world. This amazing destination has become one of the most popular places in the world, and for good reason, since it combines perfectly traditionalism and modernity, being the perfect suit to anyone who wants to spend an unforgettable holiday. There are many leisure activities in Cancun, and some of the most popular attractions in the area are represented by the Maya ruins. These amazing buildings have been created without the use of modern technologies, which makes them breath taking for visitors all around the world. Whether you are passionate about ancient civilizations or you are simply trying to enrich your culture, the ruins are something you should not miss if you reach this part of Mexico. Furthermore, you are likely to find some of the rarest landforms on the world: the cenotes. There are most of the times included in Cancun tours and excursions, due to their beauty and uniqueness.

The hidden beauties of Cancun.jpg

“Cenote” is a Spanish term, depicting a special geological form: a sinkhole created after the collapse of a rock, which has afterwards been filled with groundwater. These places are very rare and can be found only on few countries around the world, and besides representing an amazing view, tourists can actually jump and swim in their waters. These landforms appear in areas with low altitudes, such as coastlines and islands, because here the soil is less developed. Besides their beauty and rareness, the cenotes also have an interesting past: in ancient times, when the Yucatan Peninsula was inhabited by the Mayans, they would use them as a mean of communication with their gods. The cenotes were the place where they performed sacrificial offerings and found they gateway to the spiritual dimension. This religious significance cannot be ignored, especially by those who know a little something about the Maya culture, this mysterious and fascinating civilization. The locals have transformed these landforms into amazing tourist attractions near Cancun, and some of them belong to actual touristic complexes, where people can enjoy various leisure activities. Those who come here can enjoy a good swim in the ground waters, eat exquisite meals in the restaurants, visit the surroundings, make shopping in the local stores and even get accommodated in one of the traditional cottages available.


If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cancun, you cannot miss these natural beauties: they will fascinate you with their rich vegetation and mysterious atmosphere. They are surrounded by wildlife and you will feel as if you were transported to a whole different world, enjoying the bright vivid colours and peaceful atmosphere. The natural pools are the perfect choice if you want to cool off from the hot weather, swim with catfishes and make unforgettable memories.

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Places to visit in Cancun

Posted on May 6, 2015 in Places to visit

With over 14 miles of pristine beaches and crystalline waters, Cancun is considered one of the best travelling destinations in the world. However, there is more to this city than idyllic white beaches and vast turquoise waters. Resting on the northeast side of the Yucatan Peninsula Cancun has many things to offer such as an amazing Underwater Museum, Mayan ruin sites, eco-parks and places where the Mexican music, culture and cuisine is prevalent, which makes it an ideal site for tourism and a great choice for your next trip. Besides the numerous tourist attractions inside and immediately near the city, you can also take advantage of transfer Cancun Playa del Carmen services to visit one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world. Whether you are looking for some spectacular virgin beaches or you are interested in a thrilling adventure into the underwater world or exploring the wild, Cancun is the perfect destination.

Choosing the right transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen.jpg

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Beaches

These virgin beaches spread over a million acres and are located near Tulum. A sight difficult to ignore, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as more than twenty archeological sites have been discovered here, some dating back thousands of years. An interesting fact about these breath taking beaches is the access point which is usually made through an opening in the tropical jungle. Away from civilization, surrounded by jungle and unique habitats, a trip to this location is a must when going to Cancun. You will also find accommodation here as well.


Isla Mujeres

A popular practice in Cancun is watching the whale sharks during the summer when they migrate to the northern side of this city. Trips to Isla Mujeres are popular among tourists with this occasion, but also for those passionate about diving and swimming. You can reserve day trips to this location with your tourist agency, but also with your diving instructor. Fishing excursions, sightseeing tours and diving trips are a must on this island. You should not miss the chance to swim with the dolphins either once you reach Cancun.


Tulum Mayan ruins

This is one of the most popular Mayan ruins sites two hours south from Cancun. You will easily find transfer Cancun Playa del Carmen services, but trips to Tulum are usually included inside tour packages. Unless you rent your own car it is more convenient to book a tour, as you will also receive the services of a guide. The main pyramid of Tulum is truly impressive. An architectural wonder situated on a cliff that faces the water, the pyramid is something you do not want to miss.


Xplor eco-park

This natural eco-park is situated south of Playa de Carmen in the Riviera Maya and it offers numerous fun activities. Zip lines, underground rivers and amphibious vehicles are just some of the adventures you are promised in this park. What is more, you will be able to experience these exciting adventures while enjoying a breath taking scenery, because you will float above the tropical jungle, take the raft inside intricate caves and drive on rough terrain while surrounded by wild fauna.

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Choosing the right transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

Posted on May 6, 2015 in Places to visit

Everyone knows how horrible and disappointing it can be to prepare yourself for a luxury vacation, to board a high class airplane and land safely in the country where you always envisioned to be only to get smashed and pushed around like a sandwich. If you don’t like bad smells, filled seats and crowded places then you should do something to avoid them because this is precisely what awaits you if you choose to take one of the airport buses towards downtown Cancun or other top resorts along the coastline. Choosing the right transfer is not only a question of taste, but it can also be a matter of heath, happiness and even what separates you from starting a great vacation in style or filled with anger. And who wouldn’t prefer the first option over the latter? Don’t risk losing your luggage, ruining your shoes or getting irritated and book a proper transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen as soon as possible. We will tell you how in the article below.

Choosing the right transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen.jpg

One of the most important aspects regarding airport transportation towards any nearby location is the fact that it should be done using a professional shuttle service. This is the classiest, safest and fastest manner of reaching your desired destination and if the group you are part of is a larger one then this can also be the most affordable option. Regardless, it excels in terms of passenger comfort, speed and overall sensation. Experience the beauties of the Cancun area for the first time from a gorgeous shuttle where the seating is assigned, the conditions are perfect and the crowdedness does not exist. Small and medium sized transportation cars such as the ones offered by specialized companies have become the most requested means of moving around and there is no wonder this is so. With easy booking procedures online, amazing drivers and impeccable vehicles, who wouldn’t want to use this option to get to the hotel?


There are various types of shuttle services offered at the Cancun airport and they can be for shared groups or persons who are not travelling together, close groups, VIPs, families and any form of private travelers. All you need to do is go online, search for the official platform of the most respected company in the area and book your seat as soon as possible! Remember, these transportation means are usually reserved fairly quick so don’t count on finding a seat on the spot, book one before you leave. Picking the right transfer for your particular needs differs from case to case but some basic rules apply to every airport shuttle company. When thinking of the lush Cancun area with its stunning view and the gorgeous surroundings, one cannot stop but consider the possibility of doing additional trips and tours in the area as well. And since you can book these mini excursions online as well, together with the flight to hotel transfer, then why look somewhere else? You can be sure that you have chosen the right company for your vacation!

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